Excerpts from Agnitraya 2016..

The second edition of the flagship event of IIM Kashipur has finally ended with scintillating performances from various teams which represented some of the prestigious colleges of the country. Students participated in large number braving the biting cold.

The serene town of Kashipur suddenly turned into a place of happening and vibrance for three successive days with events like musical night, DJs, singing and dancing competitions, and fashion shows.

There were also umpteen number of sporting events both indoor and outdoor wherein different teams competed neck and neck.

Finally some of the toughest case studies were presented to participants in the “business segment” of Agnitraya. In fact it proved to be a challenge to judge the winner in these case study competitions because of the sheer number of innovative solutions that the students came up with.

Some of the glimpses from Agnitraya :


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