Excelsior – PAN India Competition organized by IIM Kashipur

IIM Kashipur organized the first edition of Excelsior – A Multi-Domain Annual Management Fest of IIM Kashipur.

Excelsior in Latin means “ever upward”. In today’s world of cut throat competition, one needs to do the things differently yet persistently.  The wave of success follows the wave of hard and smart work. The dynamic business environment is pushing the business leaders to their limits.  Rightly said that these days there is nothing like competitive sustainable advantage! One needs to continuously adapt to the ever changing external environment and yet be competitive in the variables of control.


Excelsior ’14 was a microcosm of the corporate world where one was required to compete in an extremely tough environment to analyse corporate cases, play simulation games and emerge as a winner for survival! It was an amalgamation of six fields – Finance, marketing, consulting, operations, HR and IT.


Excelsior saw the coming together of the various clubs and committees of IIM Kashipur. The following competitions were held under this umbrella: 1. Infosys Auto Capek – an IT White Paper Competition 2. Bloomberg TraderX – a Finance Trading Competition 3. Mahindra Consilio – a Consulting Case Study Competition 4. Markaholic – a Marketing Case Study Competition 5. Operatius – an Operations Simulation Game Competition 6. Cynque – an HR Case Study Competition 7. Out of Syllabus – a General Quiz Competition 8. Venture 15 K – an Entrepreneurial Skills Competition


Excelsior’14 witnessed participation of around 3000 students from various institutes in India and some from abroad. Participants competed for a total of INR 250,000+ worth of prizes and PPIs from reputed organizations like Infosys, Bloomberg and Mahindra & Mahindra. The rigour and excitement was multiplied as the various rounds of competition progressed in each event; the enthusiasm peaked during the final showcase of talent and knowledge held on campus on 9th March, 2014.

The intensity of the mega IIM Kashipur management fest would live up to its name- Excelsior – ever upward!!