Neev: Annual Symposium on Operations Excellence

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Neev- the annual symposium on Operations Excellence was hosted by IIM Kashipur on 29th November, 2014 in partnership with State Bank of India. This year the theme was “Lean to Win”. The chief sponsors being India Glycols Limited and Punjab National Bank. The bigwigs of the industry graced the campus with their presence so as to share their experiences on the application of lean in day to day industrial practices. The speakers of the occasion were

1. Mr. Bishwambhar Mishra, Director, Mahindra institute of Quality

2. Mr. Subroto Ghosh, Director and Head of performance improvement, Barclays

3. Mr. Vikas Sarangdhar, Director of research (Supply Chain group), Gartner

4. Mr. Rajesh Pednekar, Head distribution, Pfizer

5. Mr. Devdatta Ratnakar, Ex-CEO, Innoventive Industries Ltd.

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The event started with the lighting of the lamp by the Director of the Institute and the guests. Thereafter the event kick started with director’s welcome address. This was followed by Mr. Bishwambar Mishra’s keynote speech and a presentation on ‘My experiments and exploration with lean.’ He shared with the students the rise of Punjab tractors Ltd. post Mahindra’s acquisition in 2007.

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The second speaker for the day was Mr. Subroto Ghosh. His young and enthusiastic demeanor was welcomed by the students; he further elaborated the concept of lean management in the services industry. Thereafter there was a panel discussion involving Mr. Vikas Sarangdhar, Mr. Rajesh Pednekar and Mr. Devdatta Ratnakar with Prof. Kampan Mukherjee of IIM Kashipur as the moderator. The panel discussed the importance of quality, control and the application of lean in the industry.

The event witnessed a national level case study competition in partnership with Schneider electric which saw participation from over 180 teams across India. The top 5 teams presented their analysis to the judges in the event.

Later in the afternoon a session on industry best practices was conducted by industries like Ashok Leyland, Mahindra and Minda group. It witnessed over 70 people from industries in and around Kashipur. The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Prof. Kunal Ganguly of IIM Kashipur.

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Swachh Bharat Mission


Be the change that you wish to see in the world”, said one of the most influential people to have ever graced this earth – Mahatma Gandhi. To celebrate the values that he practiced as much as he preached, on the occasion of what would have been his 145th birth anniversary, IIM Kashipur took up brooms to participate in the Swachh Bharat Mission today. Dr. Somnath Ghosh, Dean Academics, IIM Kashipur administered a pledge to the faculty, staff and students of the institute which promised that they would devote some time to maintaining the cleanliness of their environment daily. Post this, the faculty and students alike took up brooms and took to the nearby areas to clean them. Garbage bins were posted at intervals and all the litter was properly disposed of.

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Bikerthon 2014

On the occasion of 68th Independence Day, IIM Kashipur took an initiative to spread awareness about use of helmets, following traffic rules and driving within speed limits to prevent road accidents. Bikerthon 2014 – the bike rally, led by our Director Dr Gautam Sinha and followed by faculty and students of IIM Kashipur included the whole city of Kashipur in this noble initiative.





Media Conclave 2014

Recognizing the fact that the role of media in business is ever growing in today’s world, IIM Kashipur organized a Media Conclave on 15th February, 2014 (Saturday) to discuss the emerging role of media in various walks of life and business. The conclave had invited speeches and panel discussions from prominent dignitaries from media houses as well as some student presentations.
















The eminent speakers and panelists included: Mr. Shailesh Shah, Secretary General, Indian Broadcasting Federation; Mr. Asad Mirza, Media Advisor and Editor, British High Commission; Mr. R. Srinivasan, Associate Editor, The Hindu Business Line; Mr. Subimal Bhattacharya, a globally recognized defence and cyber security expert, and; Mr. Anant Vijay, Deputy Executive Producer, IBN7.
















Welcoming the distinguished media persons, representatives of the industry as well as corporate and social media sector, Dr. Gautam Sinha, the Director of IIM Kashipur, threw open this conclave open for debate and discussion. Despite mass media industry playing a significant role in highlighting the inequalities in wealth, power and privileges, he expressed concern about the growth of giant multinational media corporations holding enormous power and influence over the content and form by the owners of media. He raised some basic but very relevant questions to the participants of the conclave.





























Inaugurating the conclave, Mr. Shailesh Shah, said that India is the biggest producer of films and entertainment media, and that we need to enhance our partnership into it. Further, he said that this industry has a capacity of a turnover of over $ 100 billion. This was followed by a presentation by the Students.

The Post-break session saw an intense panel discussion with panelists comprising of Shri Asad Mirza, Shri R. Srinivasan, Shri Subimal Bhattacharya, Shri Anant Vijay, and Prof. K. M. Baharul Islam, functioning as the moderator. The invited questions from amongst the audience added further value to the discussion, with some of the responses being noted down by many, and some witty ones inviting laughter.

Mr. Nikhil Mehta, Executive Director, Corporate Strategy at Nomura

Adding onto the next chapter of the guest lectures by esteemed dignitaries, Mr. Nikhil Mehta, Executive Director, Corporate Strategy at Nomura interacted with the students at IIM Kashipur and gave them knowledgeable insights on Mergers and Acquisitions. He explained the length and breadth of financial market and the strategic reasons that drive organizations into M&A. The future managers also came across tactics of buyers and sellers and the important roles of Investment Bank in this arena.

Mr. Mehta is an expert in M&A and Strategy with 10+ years of financial services experience in mergers and acquisitions, corporate strategy, financial planning & budgeting and mortgage credit lending. He is an MBA from Georgetown University, a commerce graduate from Shri Ram College of Commerce and a Chartered Accountant.

Nomura is the leading financial services group which provides services across various divisions such as retails, asset management and wholesale. It provides a broad range of solutions to individual, institutional and government clients through its network in 30 countries. In 2009, it achieved a No.1 ranking for customer market share on the London Stock Exchange. Nomura was actively involved in the reconstruction of East Japan post the earthquake disaster and has contributed to the society through The Nomura charitable trust and Nomura foundation.

Samanvaya – HR Summit


Samanvaya 2011 – first edition of the HR Summit of IIMKashipur, was held on December 15th 2011. The event witnessed a congregation of eminent industry personalities in the field of HR, academia and students onto a platform to put forward and discuss their views on ‘Aligning Employee goals with corporate vision’. The discussion revolved around on how to ensure employee engagement and motivate employees to align their respective roles with the mission, vision & goal of the organization. Mr. Aquil Busrai, CEO-Aquil Busrai Consulting and Former HR Director of IBM, delivered the keynote address. Dr Devi Singh, Mentor Director-IIM Kashipur and Director-IIM Lucknow, Prof. Roshan Raina, Dean-IIM Lucknow and Prof Manoj Anand, Convener-IIM Kashipur taskforce, addressed the gathering. Veteran HR professionals from Dabur, Tata Motors, HP, Videocon, IDBI, APC, Titan, IGL, to name a few, constituted the audience. Mr. Aquil Busrai, in his keynote address, shared his views that Attraction, Retention and Training (ART) as the key ways to improve employee engagement and align their goals with the corporate vision. Mr. Busrai put forth the idea of ‘Take My 40 Hours’ as an initiative by the industry persona to spend 40 hours in an year, an equivalent of 5 working days, on a business school campus to give the required inputs to nurture the future leaders. Talking of retention, he shared an instance where 30% of employees leaving a company gave the reason of poor growth prospects, while a same fraction of people staying with company said it’s for higher growth prospects. The keynote address was followed by corporate luncheon, buzzing with an electrifying level of interaction amongst the guests. Thereafter, in the panel discussion that ensued had Mr. R S Yadav, VP-HR, IGL and Mr. Atul Asawa, VP, Flexituff as the panelist’s who shared their insights and experiences on employee engagement. Many guests expressed their delight while attending the event, first of its kind in the region, and affirmed that this first step will go a long way in benefitting the industries, especially of Uttarakhand and UP.