Kacofonia 2017! The battle of creativity!

September 4 & 5 saw the unfolding of an event. An event that sent the three sections of PGP1 into a frenzy. An event where the best of PGP1 battled it out amongst themselves. Kacofonia 2017!

Colors splattered around as the first event T-shirt painting started. ‘Mixing & matching colors’, the creative designers continued to be busy with the tattoo making and face painting that followed. The transformation of pretty faces into devils, skulls, trees & panthers was amazing. The wall magazines shouted out the creativity of each class.




The art events slowly gave way to stage performances that started with mimicry and stand-up comedy acts. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the hilarious performances. Next up was the Dumb Charades & Antakshari events. Many of our students proved to be encyclopedias as far as Bollywood movies and songs were concerned!

After a short break, it was time for the much awaited events of the day. Brilliant music notes floated in the air as the singing competitions started. Band performances proved that we have good instrumentalists as well.


After dinner, the event shifted to the auditorium where the dancers of the batch moved their body to the music without skipping a beat. The fantastic actors reigned the stage with the one-act plays. Finally, it was time for the Fashion Show. Pretty girls and handsome lads walked onstage to cheers & whistles.


In a nail-biting finish Section A and Section B ended up with the same points. A first in the history of Kacofonia. Section C followed close behind.


The event was only for 2 days but the preparations had started a week back. The students thoroughly enjoyed the late-night practice sessions wherein they juggled every half hour between assignments, projects and practice. The best result of Kacofonia was that it brought entire PGP1 together and closer as a batch. Talents were appreciated irrespective of the sections – which is indeed the spirit of the event.


Well done PGP1 and thank you PGP2! Waiting for Kacofonia 2018, to see the juniors battle it out.











Remember, Cherish and Progress: IIM Kashipur’s message on Independence Day

“The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of Independence.” With this thought in mind, Indian Institute of Management Kashipur celebrated the 71st Independence Day in their new campus. Dr Gautam Sinha, Director, IIM Kashipur, hoisted the National Flag which was followed by a rendering of the Indian National Anthem by all the people present.

Pic.1 Independence Day Celebration at IIM Kashipur.JPG

The Director expressed his gratitude towards our freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the independence of our motherland. He urged the audience to take a moment and contemplate if we are moving in the direction that our forefathers had envisioned. He advised the youth to lead the country forward, starting with contributing to the upliftment of masses at the grassroot level and introspecting small changes to their day to day lives in order to strengthen the commitment towards achieving the sustainable development goals. As the post-independence generation gradually fades away, it is now the responsibility of the youth to do away with the greed and come forward for the masses in need. He encouraged the students of IIM Kashipur to become job givers instead of job seekers. He concluded his speech with words of the famous French philosopher Romain Rolland, “If there is one place on the face of earth, where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India”

Post the Director’s speech, the students promoted the idea of ‘taking pride in being a responsible Indian citizen’ through various cultural performances like dance, theatre, mono-act, music and speech.

After the cultural events, a Bike rally – ‘Bikerthon’ started from the new campus and went through the city of Kashipur. The motive was to promote the message of road safety.


A NukkadNatak was also organised by the students to spread awareness regarding traffic rules and regulations and the importance of taking a responsibility to follow them. The students successfully imparted the message of road safety to the gathering. The convoy then covered rest of the city relaying the same propaganda and culminated back at the new campus.

Pic 3. Nukkad Natak at Priya Mall Kashipur.JPG

In the evening, we were graced by the performance of Spic Macay. It is a nationwide voluntary movement that aims to make students more aware about Indian and World heritage, and organises programmes of classical music and dance, crafts, yoga, classic cinema screenings, heritage walks etc in school and college campuses throughout the world. The performance was led by Vidushi Vidha Lal and Shri. Abhimanyu Lal, Kathak exponents from Jaipur Gharana, daughter-in-law and son of renowned Guru and Sangeet Natak Academy awardee Smt. Geetanjali Lal.


The recital mesmerised the audience and created an influx of pride for the Indian culture. It inspired the audience to hold on to the past & acknowledge and appreciate the Indian heritage while progressing responsibly towards a better future for all.


Republic day at IIM Kashipur- 2017

Indian Institute of Management Kashipur celebrated the 68th Republic Day of the country on January 26th, 2017 at its permanent campus. The celebration commenced with the flag hoisting ceremony by Gautam Sinha, Director, IIM Kashipur in the amphitheatre. This was followed by the National Anthem sung by the students, faculty, staff and many others who were present for the celebrations.

IIM Kashipur
IIM Kashipur Amphitheatre

This was followed by a speech by the Director. The students then performed a stage play, followed by a flute and a solo singing performance by one of the students of the Institute.

The celebration was followed by a quizzing event- Jung-E-Hindustan conducted by Quest, the quizzing club of IIM Kashipur in the 90 seater classroom of the permanent campus.

IIM Kashipur
IIM Kashipur during Jung-E-Hindustan quiz event

Agnitraya 3.0

Indian Institute of Management Kashipur concluded Agnitraya 3.0 on 8-1-2017. This was the first Agnitraya that was held in the state of the art 200 acre new campus at Escorts Farm, Kashipur campus. The event saw participation from over 600 students from top tier institutes of the nation. Agnitraya 3.0 hosted management events, case study competitions on marketing, sponsored by O2 spa, consulting case study, sponsored by Craftkhana, finance case study, operations case study and HR case study competitions. The event saw participation from institutes close and afar. Participants included IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Shillong, IIM Rohtak, IMI Delhi and many more. More than 500 entries had been registered for the case study competition.

The cultural events started off with a band performance by the hosts. Various cultural events like group dance, nukkad natak, Mr. and Miss Agnitraya, judged by Mr. India and solo singing drew thick crowds of students to the amphitheatre.

The headlining show for the cultural event was performed by ‘The Chain Jokers.’ One half of the duo, Tanmay Sharma, is and alumnus of IIM Kashipur itself. The stand-up comedy was a hit with the students and the laughter riot was one experience not seen before at such an event.

IIM Kashipur holds the distinction of being a Sunburn campus. This year DJ Candice Redding and DJ Shiv were the guest to pump in the beat for Sunburn, IIM Kashipur.

The events that saw the thickest number of participation were the sports events. More than 300 participants had registered for various sports events like cricket, football, badminton, table tennis, chess, carom and many more. It was host institute’s women’s team that made IIM Kashipur proud by clinching most titles in the segment.

The event drew to a close with a battle of bands between IIM Kashipur’s Zephyr and Sting from Kanpur, with Sting getting the crown of being better.

The last event for Agnitraya 3.0 was the band performance of Underground Authority. For two long hours the students of IIM Kashipur jumped and moshed to the beats of the India’s Got Talent’s finalists.

Guest Lecture- Mr. Aniruddha Khekale, Group Director-HR, Emerson

Indian Institute of Management Kashipur was graced by the presence of Mr. Aniruddha Khekale, Group Director- HR, Emerson. Mr. Khekale visited IIM Kashipur to deliver a guest lecture on HR in VUCA times.

“People have taken VUCA as a reality. What began in 2008, has been continuing” said Mr. Khekale.

Mr. Khekale discussed the challenges of the HR role in the modern times when dynamics is the key. He reiterated on the essence of restructuring and reorganizing the organization from time to time to tackle problems more effectively and efficiently.

“HR should be the moral compass of an organization. Many CEOs consider themselves to be the HR leader of their respective organizations” said Mr. Khekale.

Mr. Khekale concluded the speech by sharing his own experience in the role of an HR leader and answering questions from the students.

The entire student fraternity of IIM Kashipur thanks MR. Anirudda Khekale for providing us with such an insightful session.

IIM Kashipur

Guest Lecture By Mr. Shekhar Chandra Kumar, Ex-COO, Air India Express

Indian Institute of Management Kashipur was graced by the presence of Mr. Shekhar Chandra Kumar, Ex-COO, Air India Express. Mr. Shekhar visited IIM Kashipur to deliver a guest lecture on the opportunities in the aviation industry.

Mr. Shekhar started the lecture by introducing the aviation industry to the students of IIM Kashipur from his perspective, the challenges and the vicissitude of opportunities that lay forth.

He partitioned his lecture into three phases, discussing the pre-liberalization phase, the liberalization phase and the post liberalization phase of the aviation industry.  The session was an extremely informative one and opened up new avenues of opportunity that now lies before the students of IIM Kashipur.

He also mentioned a case of excellence, a project on air travel demand in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand that was conducted by the 2014 graduates of IIM Kashipur under the guidance of Mr. Shekhar Chandra Kumar, that found its way to the table of Air India, and using which demand was speculated for Pantnagar airport.

The Operations enthusiastic fraternity of IIM Kashipur, which is nestled in one of the most densely industrialized areas in South-East Asia, made the session and extremely engaging one with students questioning about every nook and corner of opportunity for operational excellance in the aviation industry in general and Air India in particular.

The entire student fraternity of IIM Kashipur thanks Mr. Shekhar Chandra Kumar for providing us with valuable time to share such information and insight.

Kacofonia 2016

Indian Institute of Management Kashipur organized the inter-sectional wars of PGP 2016-2018 batch students on 29th of October, 2016. The coveted title of being called the sectional wars champion of Kacofonia 2016 spurred all the students of IIM Kashipur to conjure their talents and bring the best of their performance to the battle field.

After taking out preparation times from the hectic time schedule of their IIM Kashipur lives, students hustled forth to the auditorium every night to hone their battle axes and wielding skills.

The battle of the sections had already begun on Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites.

The stage was set and the warriors were ready to bring the fury upon their opponents.

Kacofonia 2016 was spread over four different talent bundles, namely, Literary, Music, Dance, Theatre and Categorically Insane.

The event was kicked off to the loud cheer of the crowds, shouting slogans and battle cries, bolstering their sections and representative’s confidence. The first event for the day was Just-A-Minute. The tongue twisting adventure saw some of the smoothest talkers of IIM Kashipur get on the stage, hammering out words after words without even stopping for air. And even then the challengers found out flaws, and in a moment’s span, took the crowd’s attention by storm.

After some literary axe wielding and fabricating interesting, and at times insane, story lines, the students of IIM Kashipur had won the heart of its audience and befuddled the judges with their skills. While the judges scribbled away and tallied the scores in secrecy, the three sections of IIM Kashipur blared out their slogans and battle cries, to establish their dominancy in the auditorium.

Filled with intense excitement, the most awaited event for the knowledge freaks was unveiled. ‘Speak Up’ was the debating competition hosted for the day to test out logic vs. logic of the sections on the topic of ‘Should Pakistani artists be banned in India?’

Dr. Nandita Roy, Professor, Communications, IIM Kashipur was the judge for the day. While the debate heated up on the stage with Section A and Section B taking the lead, it was Arjun Kartheykein of PGP 2015-2017 who stole the show on behalf of Section B. He was adjudged the best speaker, thereby garnering 8 points for his section!

All the World’s a stage- drew in impromptu acts of Hillary Clinton, Shah Rukh Khan, Mamta Banerjee, Donald Trump and many more by the students. The good impersonations got the crowd to clap and cheer and the not-so-good-one drew louder cheers as they provided the comic relief! What a relief!

The next event had got the highest number of teams participating. Antakshari at Kacofonia was the event that drew the most cheers and hoots from the crowd among all the events that were hosted in the morning session of Kacofonia 2016.

Amid songs and music, time had slipped through and the first half of the event came to a close with the Movie Quiz. Being close to the hometown of ‘King Khan’, a lot of question seemed to be based on the ‘Badshah’ of Bollywood!

While the lunch was on, Parivartan club of IIM Kashipur, hosted fun events like musical chair and ‘antakshari’ for the supporting staff of IIM Kashipur. The people who make life easy for all students here, had a share of fun at Kacofonia as the student fraternity cheered on!

With the sun setting in the west, students from all sections slipped into rockstar mode, drawing out their guitars and drums, dancing shoes, and the most exotic attires for the fashion show!

To the loud cheer of the audience, the battle of the bands began with Section B performing some of the chartbusters of 2016. But it was the Section A boys who stole the show with their rendition of ‘Dil Se’, ‘Meri Laundry Ka Ek Bill’ and ‘Maaeri’. They got the entire stage on their feet, tapping and humming to the popular beats as the Section A boys belted out the songs.

The group dance competition saw students from all the sections shake a leg and some more to the tunes of some funky beats. A performance by the senior team was an added bonus to the event.

The day came to a close by two amazing one act plays directed, scripted and enacted the students of IIM Kashipur.

At two minutes to twelve, the whole auditorium waited with bated breath as the scores were being tallied.

B or A?

Or will it be C?

To the exuberance of the students Section C was the second runners up, Section B, the first runners up, and  Section A, the Kaco Cup Champions of Kacofonia 2016.

The day drew to a close with celebrations and appraisal for one another.

IIM Kashipur

Utthistha 2016

utthisthaIndian Institute of Management Kashipur successfully conducted its flagship Entrepreneurship event ‘Uttistha’ on 23rd of October, 2016. This event is dedicated for inculcating the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students of IIM Kashipur. The event was graced by some of the successful start-up founder and investors.

The event was started off by the ceremonious lighting of the lamp marking the occasion. Professor Gautam Sinha, Director, IIM Kashipur gave the invitation speech, inviting the delegates from the various start-up and thanking them for their participation. The first keynote speech was delivered by Mr. Lalit Mangal, co-founder of Commonfloor.com. In his speech Mr. Mangal discussed about innovation and the journey of a start-up.


Mr. Mangal majorly focussed upon the tiny voices which encourage entrepreneurs to start but logical over thinking kills the motivation. His mantra for the students aspiring for start-up is “No financial liability is big enough if you have an idea which doesn’t let you sleep.” He also emphasized on the fact that a young entrepreneur should go ahead even without the required technical skills if the idea is good. He said, “There are abundant good engineers and technical professional available who are ready to work on a good idea.”

As a part of the “Go Green” initiative of IIM KASHIPUR, a plant sapling was presented to Mr. Mangal, which was to be planted at the state of the art new campus of IIM Kashipur.


After that a panel discussion had been arranged. The panellists were the founders of start-ups and investors. The topic for the discussion was ‘Dilemma of Jobs vs. Entrepreneurship.’ The moderator of the panel discussion was Mr. Aditya Awasthee, the co-founder & CEO of Ah! Ventures. He is also an Angel Investor & Mentor to Start-ups with an objective to positively impact the brand growth for national market shares leadership. The panellists in the discussions were Mr. Rashmi R. Padhy, Mr. Ashwin Shrivastava, Mr. Puneet Aggarwal, and Mr. Lalit Mangal.

Mr. Rashmi R. Padhy is the current CEO at Koove and has been co-founder of some innovative start-ups like Yappily and TechChamps. Mr.  Ashwin Srivastava is currently the Co-Founder and the Director of Idein Ventures, a global Venture Capital and Private Equity firm, acting as seed stage and growth capital investor in UAE, USA, West Africa and India. Mr. Puneet Aggarwal is the founder of Nirogam.com. He is the owner of HerbsCanCure.com where he worked as chief herbalist and marketer for around 11 years. Mr. Lalit Mangal is the cofounder of CommonFloor.com. Mr. Mangal is also related to Quickr and is currently helping Quikr incubate some disruptive ideas and is actively mentoring a number of startups in high growth and high impact areas. In the beginning of the discussion, Mr Padhy broke a common myth for the budding entrepreneurs in the audience that funding is indispensable. “The entire spectrum of start-up is defined by funding. This is wrong.” said Mr. Rashmi R Padhy. The idea here was new start-ups can go ahead bootstrapping their ventures and investors are not the centre of the game. The discussion proceeded on this line and then Mr. Ashwin added a very good insight, “Benefits are not just be measured by money but by learning.” According to him, starting on your own gives access to vast oceans of opportunities and knowledge. Money cannot be the only motivation or gauge for measuring the success of an entrepreneurs. The panel agreed that entrepreneurship changes people and make them more competent and capable.

Then the discussion went towards the capital intensive start-ups and how to get the right angel investor to fund on their idea. “India is the land of opportunity and tapping into the network is the best way to find right angel investors.” Commented Mr. Lalit Mangal. The panel agreed that leveraging the network is the best way of getting the investor who can help someone change the game. The panel advised student to start making connections right now since opportunities in the institute like IIM are huge. Aditya Awasthee suggested that entrepreneurs should be shameless while pitching their ideas and asking for help as only those who move forward can reach to their destination. The discussion was concluded by very precious and inspirational words “If you are building something great, you don’t need to seek the investors, the investors will seek you” said Mr. Aswin Srivastava. As a part of the “Go Green” initiative of IIM KASHIPUR, plant saplings was presented to all the panellists.

Second keynote speakers of the day was Alok Bansal, co-founder of policybaazar.com. Currently, Alok Bansal is the CFO and COO of policybaazar.com. He enlightened the students about his struggle while starting and running his own venture. Students were enthusiastic and asked a lot of questions about the everyday challenges an entrepreneur faces and about securing funding. Mr. Alok said “Sometimes, money is needed to disrupt.” He added a very useful insight that an entrepreneur should experiment with their ideas but should also know when they should give up and move on. The speech was very helpful and motivational for budding entrepreneurs.

Dr. Kampan Mukherjee, Dean Planning, IIM Kashipur  concluded the event by delivering the vote of thanks to the esteemed guests who took their valuable time to visit IIM Kashipur and revamped the spirit of Entrepreneurship among students.


IIM Kashipur

Coalescence 2016 – HR Meet

Indian Institute of Management Kashipur successfully conducted its second flagship Inustry-Academia meet- ‘Coalescence’ on 9th of September, 2016. This is was the first leg of Coalescence, ‘Samanway-the annual HR Meet’. The event was graced by some of the industry leaders of the likes of Hurman Resource country heads of companies like Amazon, Deloitte, Tata Steel, Mahindracie Autiomotive, Reliance Jio Infocomm, JSW Cement, Godrej Industries, Thomsom Reuters and many more.

The event was started off by the ceremonious lighting of the lamp marking the occasion. Professor Kunal Ganguly, IIM Kashipur gave the invitation speech, inviting the delegates from the various companies and thanking them for their participation. The inaugral speech was delivered by Mr. Deepak Kulkarni, CHRO of Mahindracie Automotice Limited. In his speech Mr. Kulkarni discussed about the Changing Business Environment: The Evolving Role of HR and IR Professionals. He stressed on the fact that “People are the only commonality among all industries and such meets help reduce gaps between academics and implementation of academics.”

Mr. Kulkarni elaborated on the various facades of human resource management that are changing with times and how the present scenario of human resource management differs from what used to be in yester years. “Skill shortage, economic flux, competitive pressure, global competition for talent, outsourcing labour, aging population and compliance remain the main challenges for the changing business environment.

Mr. Kulkarni’s take on the industry and the role of HR intrigued the students. This was followed by an intensive session of question and answer between the students of IIM Kashipur and Mr. Deepak Kulkarni.

As a part of the “Go Green” initiative of IIM KASHIPUR, a plant sapling was presented to Mr. Kilkarni, which was to be planted  at the state of the art new campus of  IIM Kashipur.

Prof. K.N.Badhani delivered his speech on ‘Coalescence’ where he discussed how IIM Kashipur aims to bridge the gap between the “Too theoretical” approach of management education and the “Rule of thumb” approach of the industry. “IIM Kashipur strives to narrow this gap down so as to provide academically sound leaders in the industry to be the harbingers of change and progression.”

The first keynote speech was delivered by Mr. Raj Raghvan, Director, HR, Amazon on ‘Accelerating Agility and Leadership in a Rapidly Changing Business Environment. Mr.  Raghvan delivered his keynote speech keeping Amazon in the context and relating how he tackled the human resource situations. He said, “The industry is fairly complex and FDI in India is still not open enough.” He stressed that the sole objective of any corporation should be to deliver values. He believes that Amazon’s objective is to “Transform the way India buys and sells.” He provided ample examples highlighting Amazon’s effort in helping build micro-entrepreneurs in India by providing more and more people a platform to sell their products.

“Amazon aspires to be Earth’s most customer-centric company”, he said to conclude his speech. His eloquent speech, supplemented by ample videos and presentations helped engage the students of IIM Kashipur in a drawn interactive session post conclusion.

Mr. Raghvan was also presented with a plant sapling which was to be planted in his name at IIM KASHIPUR’s new campus.

The second keynote speech was delivered by Mr. Kumar nachiketa, VP, HR, Deloitte. He took the students of a different route of presentation, in which he directly engaged with the students on a one to one basis conversation. He conveyed his appreciation for ‘Coalescence’ and the speeches of other dignitaries. He stress that agility and might were the signs of a leaders. He drew the example of banyan tress and bamboo shafts that can endure the knotty winds.

He even appreciated the willingness of IIM Kashipur students to pursue startups of their own and their willingness to contribute to disruptive technology. He said, “If one company does not do it, some other company will.” Hence he cleared the air about the first movers’ advantage in the disruptive stratup sphere.

He went on to engage the students with digital disruption. He discussed its potential with the students and urged them to tap it to venture forth with new startups.

A panel discussion followed Mr. Nachiketa’s speech. The panel consisted of Mr. Aniruddha Khekale, Group Director Human Resource, Emerson Process Management, Ms. Subhashree Pradeep, Deputy General Manager, Group HR, ATVS Logistics Services Limited, Mr. Sushil Kumar Barkur, Senior General Manager, Alkem Laboratories Limited, Mr. Srinivas KS, Associate Director & Head, Biocon Limited, Mr. Sandeep Joshi, Associate Vice President- HR, JCB India Limited, Ms. Renu Jethani, General Manager and Head-HR, Godrej Industries  Limited, Mr. Kripesh P Hariharan, CHRO, Sterling Holiday Resorts Limited, Mr. Chetan Deshpande, Vice President Human resource, JSW Cement Limited,  Mr. Vikas Khokha, Director Human Resource, Zimmer Biomet India, Mr. Shyam Sharma, HR Leader, eClerx Services india Limited and Mr. Vernon Fernandes, HR Business Partner, Thomson Reuters India Private Limited.

The topic for the first panel discussion was “Accelerating Agility and Leadership in a Rapidly Changing Business Environment.”

The final keynote speech was delivered by Mr. Partha Sarathi Mishra, CHRM, Tata Steel Limited.

He congratulated IIM Kashipur on the success of organizing of such an event where students of IIM get a chance to see human resource principle in action. He stressed on the importance of fundamental principles, learnt in class. “They form the basic building blocks of implementing management in organizations.” He even stressed on the changing perspective of Human Resource management in modern businesses compared to yester years.

A secondary panel discussion followed the third keynote speech. This discussion was on “Changing Business Environment: The Evolving Role of HR and IR Professionals”

Professor Kunal Ganguly of IIM Kashipur extended his vote of thanks to all the dignitaries thereby officially declaring the conclusion of Coalescence- Samanwaya 2016.

Indian Institute of Management Kashipur held its second leg of Coalescence 2016 – Annual Industry Academia Meet, on 14, 15 & 16, September, 2016. The theme for the second day was Marketing. To enlighten the students with the real life scenarios and problem solving skills many luminaries graced the occasion. Among others Mr.Ajay Naqvi, Ex-Country Marketing Manager, AirBnB, Mr.VaibhavModi of Victor Tango Pvt. Ltd. , Mr Sourav Shah,Digital Marketing and CRM at Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd.and Mr.Paurush Sharma, Associate Vice President, Viacom18 graced the occasion.

The event started with the auspicious lamp lighting event. Director Gautam Sinha welcomed all the esteemed guest in his introductory speech marking the beginning of the Operations summit. The first speech was delivered by Mr.Ajay Naqvi. He talked about the various changes that have been taking shape in businesses globally and marketing has been playing a key role.“Bullet in the gun, food in the belly & fuel in the car is a basic need. Then when you push an observation, you get an insight..A story can be a good story, that is well branded, well told” said Mr. Naqvi.”Think about top 5 companies and they all have lived 100 years plus”added Mr. Naqvi.orld in changing that hindsight into foresight.

The speech was followed by an engaging question and answer session, where Mr.Naqvi was asked various questions onmarketing strategies and implementation by the students of IIM Kashipur.

The next speech was delivered by Mr.Vaibhav Modi. He started his speech with an emphatic line, “In digital marketing content is king and distribution is queen.” He discussed his experience with digital marketing over his career. He cited examples from his entrepreneurial venture to make things much more relevant. “The shift from awareness to engagement gives consumers a precursor to action.For you, what is a message, is the product for me.” The speech came to an end with an engaging interation between the students and Mr. Modi.

The third speech on marketing was delivered my Mr. Sourav Shah, Digital Marketing and CRM at Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd. He started his speech by addressing the key challenges to digital marketing in India. “Major challenge in India for digital marketing is varied dialect. Search is the main context of today’s digital media, with SEO &SEM being pillars. Find the sweet spot to engage with your customers” said Mr. Shah. He even said that smartphone will be the key drivers for digital marketing in India. He concluded his speech by saying, “Influencer marketing is going to be a huge trend in digital marketing.”

The final speech was delivered by Mr. Paurush Sharma,Associate Vice President, Viacom18. He started his speech on how advertising plays a key role in marketing by stating, “Traditional advertising faces monumental struggle. You have to keep peeling layers until there comes insight.” Mr. Shamram made an instant connect with the students by citing how he faces challenges every day and how he learns marketing from some of the age old traditions of India. He said, “There is no better example than ‘religion’ for the consistency of storytelling. We are in the business of making communication.” He concluded his speech with “Digital marketing & conventional marketing were the same, what has changed is the world”, to the tune of thunderous claps from the students.

Many interesting problems and doubts were posed by the students of IIM Kashipur, making the session engaging and interesting. A vote of thanks from the faculty of IIM Kashipur concluded the event.

Post lunch session was dedicated to the Finance summit, distinguished guests from different sectors of the industry were present. The session started with a keynote speech from Mr.T.P. Partap cofounder –Qwickcilver  , the topic on which the session took off was  ‘Fintech- Disruption in Financial Service industry ‘.

He started his speech by saying that Fintech industry will help in creating jobs as digital payments are coming in a big way. From his experiences he had also a forecast to make , he added,” Over 10 years there would be a marketplace $400 billion for fintech”. Followed by a panel discussion on the same topic there was another keynote speak from Dr. Sarat Malik, Chief  GM SEBI India. He marked his speech saying that Fin-tech provides competitive edge but it’s risky. He also praised the present government and RBI saying that they have provided excellent initiatives in term of JAM. He believed that the financial system in India is far better than that of lot of countries. Panel discussion saw diverse speakers like Mr. Karthik Rangappa Vp-eqquity research and Education services Zerodha, Mr.Mukesh Bubna Founder and CEO Monexo Innovations Limited, Mr. Rajat Gandhi Founder and CEO Faircent.com and Mr. Srikanth Meenakshi Founder, Director  FundsIndia.com. There were questions asked from students as well which were answered by the panel members and the Second Day of the event Coalescence 2016 came to an end.

The final day saw the Consulting summit at IIM Kashipur. To engage the students the various facades of the consulting industry many luminaries graced the occasion. Among others Mr.Samiron Goshal graced the occasion.

The event started with the auspicious lamp lighting event. Director Gautam Sinha welcomed all the esteemed guest in his introductory speech marking the beginning of the Consulting summit. The first keynote speech was delivered by Mr. Samiran Goshal. He took the students on a journey of the evolution, power and forces of the disruption. “

A panel discussion followed consisting of PwC Partners Anirban Mazumder, Amit Bhagat and Partho Das Gupta throwing light upon the subject of ‘Disruption In The Consulting Industry.’ Many interesting problems and doubts were posed by the students of IIM Kashipur, making the session engaging and interesting. A vote of thanks from the faculty of IIM Kashipur concluded the event.





IIM Kashipur

Janmasthami at IIM Kashipur

Millennia ago, Lord Krishna incited fun, frolic and a common sense of fealty in all men and women of our land. Millenniums later, IIM Kashipur, under the influence of the same, gathers together in the brand new campus of IIM Kashipur to celebrate the brotherhood of men.

With ample space in the new campus to re-enact the ‘makhan chor’, students of IIM Kashipur gathered in the central hostel area to stack upon one another to engage in ‘matkiphod.’ Amidst a crowd of nearly four hundred student, every single one wanting to be on the top to break the ‘matki,’ students gathered in concentric circles, ne on top of the other, to help one single person climb as high as a three storied building to break the ‘matki’ and let the gush of fun and frolic flow.

With the cheer of all students and faculty, the event of ‘ matkiphod’ started. Cheers from all round the corners drew people to be a part of the human tower. Some fell, some slipped, and some cheered on while some kept on strategizing about how to reach the ‘matki.’ When one couldn’t do it, someone else stepped in to replace him or her. And there was ample participation from the girls.

With one person supporting the other, in no time, a human tower, as tall as three stories and slowing edging towards the ‘matki’ of milk and butter was up. It wouldn’t be much long when the milk would be flowing down on all the students and in an elated euphoria the campus would burst in colours of the event.

And surely in no time, one did reach the top, and as if seeking more energy from the students, roved around to show all that IIM Kashipur has reached the ‘matki.’  With sounds of elation, the ‘matki’ came to crack as ‘Krishna’ struck it, and let all the milk and butter flow down upon every one!

All of the student fraternity came running to the central area to enjoy getting drenched in fun and music. Thus came to conclusion the event of ‘matkiphod.’

With one event coming to a halt, another was just given a green signal. The JBL speakers that lay dormant for so long, suddenly sprung into life as some of the chartbuster dance tracks hit the air surrounding the students. And when you are in such a blithe of ‘matkiphod’ there is no stopping the dance that follows. Everyone, the ardent dancers and the ‘shy-I-can’t-dacne’ needed no nudge to shake a leg or two under the sky.

The celebration continued on as common fealty wrapped the entire campus of IIM Kashipur. Everyone was drenched in the moment.  The fraternity stood as a family. One that enjoys all the colours and life of the vibrant India.

A concluding speech from Director Gautam Sinha, brought the event to a conclusion. All students headed towards the dining hall to refill themselves with energy, and engage in some more impulsive conversations.

The event might have come to a close, but the fun and memories were bound to remain forever.

In a land so vast and with a plethora of knowledge, wisdom, seasons, languages and cultures to offer, IIM Kashipur ensures to delve in all the colours of our nation.

Happy Janmasthami to all!