How to Build Your Profile for MBA

Most of the Major B-schools have completed their entrance exam process, now every aspirant’s next focus should be on preparing for the interviews and the process ahead. The critical thing any aspirant can do during this time is to make sure they take steps to build a good profile for MBA. A carefully carved profile can make a massive difference during the interview and final placements on campus. So, one should start upgrading their profiles as early as possible, that will be the real deal.

So, what are the components of a profile? These include academic performance, work experience, academic pedigree and achievements, co-curricular and extracurricular activities, positions of responsibility, and pursuit of special interests. Each of the above parameters gives you an edge over other possible aspirants. A good profile is one in which there is a decisive edge in one or more of the parameters, which makes the aspirant unique in the eyes of the institute.

Summer placements will occur three to four months into your MBA program. It means that your resume will remain the same. So, the profile you had before applying to b-school is what you will have when applying for a summer internship.

At this point, the brand value of the college where you earned your bachelor’s degree and the firm where you worked becomes essential. In the case of freshers, it depends on the courses taken for certifications, projects, and internships done until then. Firms will receive many resumes from all b-schools, and they will make their jobs easier by providing shortlists to those with big brand names and unique points on their resumes.

How to build a profile?

Take up certification courses aligned with your career aspirations 

Depending on the field in which you want to specialize, take up required courses that can enrich your knowledge level and, at the same time, pitch yourself to potential recruiters.

Positions of responsibility

POR adds value to your resume showcasing how much work you had taken up in your under graduation, and if you have no POR in your early academic years, you will get plenty of opportunities to do it in your MBA journey. There are many committees and clubs you can be part of and actively work to ensure that you get certified for the same.

Take up social impact activities.

You can collaborate with NGOs and other non-profit organizations that play an active role in child education, healthcare, and the environment. It showcases your social responsibility and the intent of changing society at large.

Take part in case competitions, events, and cultural fest

If you are not keen on organizing, participate in events and show your skills on those platforms. The essential takeaway is that you should come across as someone who does more than go to college and come back.

Improve on public speaking skills

Public speaking improves communication skills, which can significantly impact the interview and your MBA journey.

Adith Mohan

Adith is a management student at IIM Kashipur. He is an Executive Member of The International Relations Committee. He has previously worked as Project Engineer at Wipro Technologies. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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