Time Management : The Final Mantra

It is rightly said that strategy is essential, but the execution is everything.

With just a few hours left for CAT 2022, it is imperative to follow specific final moment tips and tricks to ace the exam. A better time management technique will help you achieve just that and efficiently execute your strategy.

A glance before attempting any section will help you get a rough idea to manage your time based on your strengths. Further, setting a time limit for each question is crucial as some tricky questions from D.I. may consume much of your time. Dividing your time based on a pre-determined strategy between different components of a section is always recommended, and try to deviate from your original method only if necessary. Focus on the questions which are easily understandable in the first phase while marking the moderate questions for your second phase.

There may come a time in the middle of the exam when you feel that your strength or the section you were hoping to score the highest has not gone as well as you had hoped for, causing unnecessary anxiety and panic. It is crucial at this time to believe in what you have done and take a minute to reorganize your thoughts by side-lining the negative thoughts by giving your undivided attention to the next section.

You can always expect something unexpected in the exam. The best advice to tackle the unexpected is to remain calm at the moment, as that moment would make the difference between you and the others writing the exam. Only those who would remain composed will be able to utilize their entire potential and give their best 

These tricks help you manage your time effectively during the exam.

Team Insite, IIM Kashipur, wishes you all the best!

Karan Chhabra

Karan Chhabra is an IIM Kashipur first-year MBA student. He is an active member of the institute’s Consulting and Strategy Club. During his free time, he loves to explore art, culture and food and is on the lookout for opportunities to create a lasting impact. He is extroverted in nature and likes to interact with new people and enjoys public speaking. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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