Balancing Opportunities and Sacrifices

Why MBA? This question has a unique answer for anyone pursuing an MBA. The fact that they decide to answer this question truthfully or not is an entirely different discourse. The idea of getting an MBA first came to us at a specific time and place, and with time, a sequence of ifs and buts led us to the day we decided to sign up for the two years of rigorous post-graduation study. Some of us were adamant regarding our decision, while others were mentally fidgety about the same.

I was fidgety. From considering an M.Phil. in Psychology to a Ph.D. in Economics, I ended up opting for MBA. A few thoughts sporadically hovered in my mind. There would be no financial independence for two years, no home of my own to live in, very little or no experimental cooking, small cupboards, no projects to lead, limited options for where to go out to party, and no control over my schedule (our office had flexible hours), no time for fashion experiments, fewer opportunities for painting and content creation, and the list goes on.

Before the dreadful COVID-19, we had dreaded work life without a holiday. I remember needing to visit the ophthalmologist but had to keep on postponing it till a year. COVID-19 taught me two things- patience and how to handle 20-liter water cans by myself. Fast forward to two years and slogging my senses off, a life of recognition, reward, and the responsibility of leading made my work-life exciting. Ironically, boredom kicked in. And this boredom gradually transitioned to the want for a change. Fast forward to the last two months before my MBA, my daily life was jam-packed with a lot of work, training, and fun-filled parties. With parties, I let go of myself. I felt free. It was joyous.

I had no idea if the feeling of both extreme excitement and devastation had a word, but that’s what I felt once I resigned from my job after confirming my admission to college. The college started with no control over my life, several tasks, and academic classes of things Greek to me. All of us were drifting in the ocean of the starting of an MBA life. But you know what? I enjoyed the shift. I could not retain any of the points mentioned in the preceding paragraph except content writing which is what I am doing right now, at this moment, drafting this very blog. Yeah, I know that you know about the latter.

So, what is the point of all of the above? The conclusion is that no matter what opportunity cost you have and what you have left behind, you are not only opening the doors to a higher career slope but also a treasure of memories filled with experience and learning for your future self.

Shambhavi Devi

Shambhavi Devi is an IIM Kashipur first-year MBA (Analytics) student. She is an active member of the institute’s Media and Public Relations Committee. She used to be a consultant. During her free time, she can be found painting and sketching at random. She enjoys writing poetry and reading on occasion. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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