“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” — Gautama Siddhartha Buddha

Emotional well-being is a crucial component of human life. It affects one’s perception of life, relationships, and health. Being emotionally healthy, will helps an individual manage different aspects of their lives and cope with a variety of emotions without losing control. When faced with hardship and stressful events, emotional wellbeing will guide their ability to develop positive emotions, moods, thoughts, and feelings, as well as help them adapt to new emotions. This will assist an individual in building stronger bonds with people around them. One of the pillars of emotional well-being is resilience, and it helps people recover from difficult events in the job, furthermore, having a stable state of emotional well-being also helps with the development and growth of an individual. Being resilient will help shape the way one would respond to and manage the stress of changing surroundings.

Emotional wellbeing is a quintessential aspect when considered within the paradigms of an individual’s growth, understanding, empathy, humor, and compassion. One must always prioritize emotional wellbeing, on doing so an individual can keep a healthy mindset, which allows them to be open to feedback, both good and bad, discuss difficult situations with anyone, have conversations and build strong bonds with others.

Emotionally healthy people are in control of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It allows them to cope with life’s challenges and prepares them to bounce back from setbacks. When we consider emotional well-being from an essential perspective of a corporate scenario, we cannot overlook the unavoidable pressure that one feels in the initial phase of their career. Having a stable mindset is not just helpful to the individual as a human resource but also to the company which employs them. Investing in the well-being of an employee can lead to increased resilience, better employee engagement, and overall growth in the performance and productivity of the individual.

Benefits of emotional wellbeing for a management professional:

Emotional wellbeing enhances interpersonal relationships and creativity. A good relationship built on a healthy mindset goes a long way toward productivity and growth, we all understand that happy people are more approachable, more likely to get along with other employees, and have a positive outlook towards any problem thrown at them. Emotional well-being is an important tool in the defense against the cumulative effects of stress. A positive approach helps an individual recover from stressful events much faster as compared to someone emotionally unwell. In addition, research also shows that emotional well-being may have a direct effect on other aspects, for example, some studies have shown individuals with positive emotions are correlated with more effective immune system functioning which in turn could help reduce absenteeism and sick days.

Finally, emotional well-being leads to greater job satisfaction. It helps in lesser burnout of individuals and fewer intentions to leave the job. People who are emotionally well tend to emit fewer negative emotions. The effect of emotional wellbeing on job satisfaction is thus essential for the growth of the individual and any institution which they serve or intend to serve.

We’re all more mindful of emotional wellbeing right now, following a few years in which the nature of human subsistence and co-habitation, in the social milieu has been majorly challenged. Several people have experienced the shock of a sudden vacuum of human interaction and the incorporation of an isolated, sedentary lifestyle. Taking care of your emotional well-being has never been as important as it is now, however, emotional well-being is always a wise investment

Dipti Sarkar

Dipti is currently pursuing MBA from prestigious IIM Kashipur. She is honest, hard-working, patient, reliable, and disciplined. She likes working in a team, being open to ideas, and always enjoys good company. Her hobbies include swimming, gardening, and learning and is passionate about the things she does. She wants to influence people by inspiring them.

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