IIM Kashipur

Janmasthami at IIM Kashipur

Millennia ago, Lord Krishna incited fun, frolic and a common sense of fealty in all men and women of our land. Millenniums later, IIM Kashipur, under the influence of the same, gathers together in the brand new campus of IIM Kashipur to celebrate the brotherhood of men.

With ample space in the new campus to re-enact the ‘makhan chor’, students of IIM Kashipur gathered in the central hostel area to stack upon one another to engage in ‘matkiphod.’ Amidst a crowd of nearly four hundred student, every single one wanting to be on the top to break the ‘matki,’ students gathered in concentric circles, ne on top of the other, to help one single person climb as high as a three storied building to break the ‘matki’ and let the gush of fun and frolic flow.

With the cheer of all students and faculty, the event of ‘ matkiphod’ started. Cheers from all round the corners drew people to be a part of the human tower. Some fell, some slipped, and some cheered on while some kept on strategizing about how to reach the ‘matki.’ When one couldn’t do it, someone else stepped in to replace him or her. And there was ample participation from the girls.

With one person supporting the other, in no time, a human tower, as tall as three stories and slowing edging towards the ‘matki’ of milk and butter was up. It wouldn’t be much long when the milk would be flowing down on all the students and in an elated euphoria the campus would burst in colours of the event.

And surely in no time, one did reach the top, and as if seeking more energy from the students, roved around to show all that IIM Kashipur has reached the ‘matki.’  With sounds of elation, the ‘matki’ came to crack as ‘Krishna’ struck it, and let all the milk and butter flow down upon every one!

All of the student fraternity came running to the central area to enjoy getting drenched in fun and music. Thus came to conclusion the event of ‘matkiphod.’

With one event coming to a halt, another was just given a green signal. The JBL speakers that lay dormant for so long, suddenly sprung into life as some of the chartbuster dance tracks hit the air surrounding the students. And when you are in such a blithe of ‘matkiphod’ there is no stopping the dance that follows. Everyone, the ardent dancers and the ‘shy-I-can’t-dacne’ needed no nudge to shake a leg or two under the sky.

The celebration continued on as common fealty wrapped the entire campus of IIM Kashipur. Everyone was drenched in the moment.  The fraternity stood as a family. One that enjoys all the colours and life of the vibrant India.

A concluding speech from Director Gautam Sinha, brought the event to a conclusion. All students headed towards the dining hall to refill themselves with energy, and engage in some more impulsive conversations.

The event might have come to a close, but the fun and memories were bound to remain forever.

In a land so vast and with a plethora of knowledge, wisdom, seasons, languages and cultures to offer, IIM Kashipur ensures to delve in all the colours of our nation.

Happy Janmasthami to all!


Independence Day Celebrations at IIM Kashipur, 2016

August 15, 2016: The 70th independence day was celebrated with vigour and a great of gratitude toward s our motherland. The entire student fraternity, the supporting staff and the faculty came together to celebrate this auspicious occasion by offering a salute to the tri-colour and re-instilling the sense of democracy, equality, tolerance, brotherhood and peace. Under the able leadership of the esteem faculty, students organized a cultural event, followed by social awareness programs and the flagship ‘Bikerthon’ to spread awareness about safe driving.

The event started with a salutation ceremony of the national flag by the staff guard of IIM Kashipur, followed by the flag hoisting and the recital of the national anthem. Dr. Gautam Sinha, Director, IIM Kashipur, took everyone present on a walk through the 70 years of our freedom, the struggles and the sacrifices that the country bore to attain it and how the IIMs and the IITs share the onus of help make a better, brighter India. He drew a parallel reference to the journey of IIM Kashipur of the years; how it began from a batch to thirty four students to nearly three hundred fifty at present. In a short span of five years IIM Kashipur has made its mark in the academia. IIM kashipur has been felicitated by Best B-School in the north twice by ABP News, 2nd best emerging B-School by Times Survey, bronze medal for the theme ‘Leadership in Corporate Engagement’ at the Indian Management Conclave. IIM Kashipur is also the only B-school with management courses certified by the World Bank, and the only B-school with a full credit course in ‘Make In India’. The shift from the old campus to the state-of-the-art 200 acre new campus is definitely an achievement in itself. Dr. Sinha reminded everyone that one cannot forget the contributions of great business minds and managers who have put the nation in such a high economic pedestal. It is our duty to push forward towards greater achievements.

Following the flag hoisting ceremony, a host of cultural activities were initiated. It began with the famous “At the stroke of midnight..” speech of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. To rekindle the fire of the struggle for independence, students performed Ram Prasad Bismil’s magnum opus ‘Sarfaroshi Ki tamaanaah ab humare dil mein hai.’ And sure it did pull us back to the days when India suffered under the yoke of foreign rule and it’s martyr cleansed this nation of tyranny with their own blood.

‘Unity in diversity’ can be found all over IIM Kashipur as students from the farthest corners of  the nation come over to purse their studies in management. So the students took up the theme to present classical dance forms from all sides of the nation. The dance was a major hit as it highlighted the diversity and unity of the nation across all the states of the country.

The music club of IIM Kashipur, Zephyr, performed the zealous tracts of ‘Vande Mataram’, ‘Roobaru’ and ‘Maula mere’ among many others.

The cultural program highlighted one of India’s great freedom martyrs, Udham Singh, and his contribution to the nation’s struggle for freedom. It was indeed a very moving story. Located in Udham Singh Nagar of Kashipur, Uttarakhand, it is IIM Kashipur’s homage to this great figure.

The performances took us through the wars of 60’s, the surrednder of our arch rival in 70’s, the beginning of the presence of India on the global map in the 80’s, the economic liberalization of the 90’s and the world’s fastest growing economy in the 21st century. Dr. Sinha commented that while the global economy is waning, India is bolstering its economy with ingenious business and managerial acumen.

A skit helped describe the united picture of India. Though we individually are distinct from region to region, but when it comes to our nation, we stand strong and united, as one.

With the completion of the cultural program, students gathered to attend the flagship road-safety awareness campaign of IIM Kashipur – Bikerthon, organized by Bikers’ Club IIM Kashipur.  It was flagged off by the Director from the auditorium complex of IIM Kashipur. The program had garnered the participation of over eighty students, spreading the awareness of maintaining traffic rules, and abiding by the safety rules for road traffic. On the way, ‘nukkad nataks’ were performed to illustrate various They started from the IIM Kashipur auditorium and covered a distance of 25 km across the streets of Kashipur, to reach the new campus of IIM Kashipur and back. The Nukkad Natak team also performed at  Priya Mall to cheer the participants and draw cheers from the passers-by. All along the way the ‘nukkad nataks’ and the road safety awareness campaigns helped spread the message traffic safety.

The final event was an awareness program on gender equality and fairness by Gender Champions- a social initiative by students of IIM Kashipur. The performed skits to spread the awareness and showed how much society is impacted by gender equality.

The event came to a close with a final speech from the Director, reminding everyone as how struggle forges the best in everyone and helps bring out the best of their potentials, and a vote of thanks from PGP Chairperson, Prof. Ashish Kumar, referring to all the cultural acts and social awareness programs undertaken by the student fraternity with an undiluted support from the faculty of IIM Kashipur.

Induction 2016-2018

Team Insite, a group of students selected for the sole purpose of facilitating the on-boarding process of juniors, has successfully completed the induction of PGP 2016 -18 batch into to the IIM Kashipur fraternity. The process started immediately after the course registration and the lighting of the lamp by the director and other eminent members of IIM Kashipur, then a plethora of activities have been organised for the first year like surprise business quizzes, on all domains and specializations, at night 2 am,  giving short and powerful demos on important business concepts, not miss the cultural events like role plays and dance competitions which rekindled the spirit in them. The main motive of the process is to familiarize the students with the rigorous work schedule that is going to be the defacto daily routine for any IIM student in the country and to train them as to how to maintain the work-life balance in hectic professional lives, as our RBI governor once said a student who survives the first year in an IIM can survive anywhere in the world. Apart from these, students were also shown the working of various committees & clubs and were provided the opportunity to interact with the prominent industry veterans in the form of guest lectures. On the final day of induction they were given a surprise hall of fame type of applause and a freshers’ party was organised sponsored by Gautami Heights (one of the prominent hotels in Kashipur). After the induction an outbound trip and industrial visit were organized.