Leadership Conclave 2015


Leadership Conclave is the flagship event of IIM Kashipur. The objective of the event is to provide a platform for academia and the industry to interact and discuss the most pressing issues facing both parties today.  The conclave aims to foster long term maximally productive relationships between the industry and the institute. It has often been lamented by industry stalwarts that the current academic system is woefully outdated when it comes to keeping up with industry requirements.

This is especially problematic in an economic environment which is in flux and is marked by turbulence and ambiguity. The uncertainty coupled with disruptive technological changes happening today, increases costs to companies in the form of additional training expenses for new hires in an environment where efficiency in resource utilization is a necessity.

Thus there is a pressing need for academic institutions to keep up with industry needs. This is not possible without a continuous feedback loop where the industry provides inputs to academic institutions regarding their requirements, perceptions and evaluations of the prevailing business environment. This is essential to understand and appreciate the challenges being faced by both parties and to provide a roadmap for the same.

The conclave is an attempt in that direction wherein presentations and discussions on several themes are featured and solutions to common goals are put forward with students being active participants in the process. The conclave concludes with recommendations as reflected in the deliberations

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