Coalescence 2015 The Beginning of the future

Coalescence is the unification of separate segments to form a single segment. Similarly, businesses today are not dependent on any one function, they are an amalgamation of Finance, Marketing, Operations, Consulting and IT.

It is a conclave for Finance, Marketing, Operations, Consulting and IT where top level industry leaders, corporates, consultants are all brought onto a single platform to discuss business management to enrich not only our knowledge but give us an idea of the trending technology and the impact it has on the current business scenario.

To mark this occasion we had with us eminent guests like Mr. Ajay Rastogi, Managing Director and Business Head, Deutsche Bank, Mumbai , Mr PV Ravi Kumar, AVP, Maruti Suzuki , Mr. Aditya Verma, VP/Global Head, Logistics, LAVA , Mr. Mayank Pandey, General Manager, Castrol , Mr. Anupam Kapoor, Associate Vice President, Myntra , -Mr. Mansingh Jaswal, Director and CEO of GenEx Logistics , Sukumar Narsimha, Senior Vice President for Operations, Reliance Industries , Manish Kumar, Chief Digital Officer, Red Chilies Entertainment and Kolkata Knight Riders , Apurv Nagpal, Author of Eighteen Plus , Amit Singh, Associate Director, PwC  and many other such esteemed guests.

The event lasted for three days during which the student body was able to gather information panning from fields of Consulting, IT, Marketing, Operations and Finance through content rich panel discussions and key note speeches.

All in all coalescence was an event like no other which managed to garner and gather the best brains from the industry for the pan purpose of enlightening the young and able minds of IIM Kashipur.

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