Interview with THE COACH


MPRC: – Sir let me just start by saying that it’s been an absolute privilege to hear your refreshing take on life.

We are honored to have you in our midst and hope that you keep coming again.

MPRC: – Sir since this was your first visit to our college what was the impression the student body gave you?

Mr. Achal: – Extremely positive. The students were interactive, asked questions and were more over high spirited.

Considering the fact that the session lasted till late evening the students were extremely co-operative and were undeterred from answering and cooperating during the session.

Such discipline cannot be instilled within a short period of two months which means that the overall batch has raw talent which will eventually be molded into future leaders.

MPRC: – Sir could you elaborate on one key problem faced by the b – schools that you have toured.

Mr. Achal: The one issue that I have seen common between all the b schools is that the students mostly come with a placement oriented mind set, this to my knowledge is a setback not only because it is possible to get placements out of the campus but also because it diminishes the true learning and experience that the college has to offer.

The second can easily be summed up as the “washing away of all sins”. Students feel that having converted a b school they can get away with any and all kinds of past and present. In most cases this is not true and what should be a ride to a change for betterment is rather wasted in a futile attempt to get by.

Also a word of advice if you pick up a subject that you feel you are interested in you should spend one hundred percent time reading all about it to the extent that your knowledge of the subject is at par with the subject matter expert.

MPRC: – Thank you so much sir I hope we get to see you again.

Mr. Achal: – Definitely thank you.

Guest Lecture by Achal Rangaswamy

IIM Kashipur organized a guest lecture by Mr Achal Rangaswamy, CEO of  “Achal Rangaswamy the Coach.” He talked on a wide variety of topics like finding one’s passion, the habit of learning from every experience and also emphasized the importance of personality and suggested a 7 step model to work on it.
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Outbound 2015

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, though this is a clichéd statement nobody can refute with the correctness of it. A typical day in an IIM is nothing short of a roller coaster ride, the day is filled with lectures, surprise quizzes, assignments and sacrosanct deadlines. Just for a change in the normal routine and to rejuvenate the students, an exhilarating Outbound was organised for the first year students at Bhimtal (a beautiful hill station in the district of Nainital).

The Outbound was for two days and lots of interactive competitions were conducted (by a group of alumni from top B- Schools and corporate), which not only required mental acumen but also physical prowess. At the end of each competition, a valuable management lesson was taught to us and winners were awarded medals for their performance.

What better can it get than playing tug of war in a rainy day on a hill station?!

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