Guest Lecture: Mr. Nagaraju KB, COO at TVS Logistics Services Limited

IIM Kashipur welcomed Mr. Nagaraju KB, COO at TVS Logistics Services Limited. He is an IIM Calcutta alumni and had previously he has worked with Lenovo India Pvt Ltd and Transmart India Pvt Limited. Currently he is on sabbatical and working with an NGO. Coming from Operations field, Mr Nagaraju explained the students about “The Triple-A Supply Chain- Agility, Adaptability and Alignment”. He shared his experience in supply chain dictating the fact that Supply chain is a backbone to meet customer expectations. Along with arranging for logistics, supply chain very evidently includes planning and manufacturing. From his experience he compared the current scenario of industry with that in early 2000s. He said that the current industry is very demanding and the customers want product at their doorsteps at their preferred time. To achieve this managers have to necessarily go for a steep learning curve.



Mr Nagaraju explained the AAA supply chain model through experiences of his operations career in companies like Compaq India, Tata Motors, Lenovo, etc. He stressed upon the importance of localization of supply chain in order to achieve immediate demand of customized products by the consumers. He also very promptly answered queries of the students regarding supply chain and logistics. IIM Kashipur thanks him for his presence at the campus.

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