Internship Insights by IIM Kashipur students: Summer Internship Experience at Puma

It all started with my first interaction with the senior batch. A couple of seniors were describing their internship experiences and that is when a summer internship with Puma became my goal for the year. I had extensive discussions with the seniors who had interned with the organization last year and gained a lot of insights. They helped me prepare not only for the internship interview of the company but also taught me the true meaning of peer to peer learning.

After a few selection rounds and an interview, there it was, my name on the screen. Yes! I managed to make it through. It was all like a dream and there were a lot of expectations. A point came when everything became uncertain, whether the internship will even happen or not but then I received a mail assuring me that the company will be keeping its commitment and the internship will happen virtually.

At first, I thought that there won’t be much of a learning experience, but that thought was soon put to rest. The onboarding team assured that we got a holistic view of the organization with talks from all the vertical heads. The projects were allotted, and I was given a chance to work with the Operations team where the learning experience was incredibly different from what we learn in the classroom.

I was given the task to optimize the current e-commerce operations for the company and develop a sustainable ordering solution for their materials. I was surprised at how well integrated the entire internship experience was and I had never imagined that the largest sports apparel organization in the country would be giving this much time for the development of its interns. The mentors were always available to address any roadblock I faced with regards to the project and the HR team was always ready to support with regards to any cross-team interaction needed during the project.

One thing that the organization embodies is the path towards continuous learning and we were invited to attend a lot of learning sessions on strategy and digital marketing along with the employees. The kind of experience that I gained working with Puma has enriched my way of thinking and approaching problems. Skills like advanced usage of Power BI and applications of advanced excel were added to my skill set and all this is sure to help me in the times ahead and become corporate ready.

Aditya Bharadwaj, Summer Intern, Puma
Class of 2021 | IIM Kashipur

Internship Insights by IIM Kashipur students: Summer Internship Experience at OfBusiness

For most of us, the summer internship is probably the most coveted thing in a B-school of course, after the final placements. All the learnings, PORs, late-night hustles converge to one thing; to land upon the best possible internship offer. The importance of this summer internship was altogether more necessary for someone like me who hails from a research background with no actual corporate experience.

However, destiny had other plans and the pandemic made its best efforts to snatch away this experience. But amidst all the turmoil, OfBusiness orchestrated a work from home program so that we do not lose out on our Summer Internships. Before I take you through my journey at OfBusiness, let me give you a small brief about the organisation. Launched in January 2016 and based out of Gurugram, India, OfBusiness is a technology-driven financing platform for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It caters to a very niche segment and adds value to the businesses of SME’s by aggregating Raw Material and providing financing for the same while reducing their open market credit cost. In short, the essence of its business model is very eloquently expressed by Mr. Ashok Mohapatra, CEO, “OfBusiness provides financing to buy raw material from Ofbusiness.”

Albeit a start-up, the precision with which the induction was carried out was commendable. In a short span of three days, we were made adept with the working of different functional teams, business model, and the art of persuasion which comes very handy for a sales-driven company. It all seemed pretty overwhelming at the start but in time things started to make more sense. The motto was to make a lot of mistakes, make them faster, and learn from them even faster.

I was inducted into the Mumbai sales team under the tutelage of Mr. Avinash Pandey and Mr. Rahul Nayak. I am responsible to study the infrastructure sector in the Western Industrial Belt and consequently generate leads for BG lending. With the help of my team, especially Rahul Nayak, I was able to lay down a full course of action for the next 8 weeks. I studied the Western Industrial belt and segregated that into two regions: Maharashtra and Gujarat corridor. After that, I moved on with the state of Maharashtra, where I identified several departments associated with the infrastructural activities with the help of the Maharashtra Government directory. Then we arranged these departments based on their work volume and value to determine their primary creditworthiness with the help of our very own e-tender platform, BidAssist. Parallelly, I had numerous sessions to learn about financial products, financial and credit risk analysis and lead generation. I got introduced to a lot of financial and banking jargon which was previously alien to me. Concepts like Purchase financing, Fund Based limits, Non-Fund Based limits (Bank guarantee, Letter of Credits) became crystal clear in the process.

Then began the most important part of the internship: lead generation and cold calling. This was the most challenging part since I was working on a sector that was not explored at OfBusiness and I had to start from scratch but Rahul always pushed me to believe in the process that we have laid down. So, in the renewable energy domain, we focussed on the wind farm developers, solar EPC companies and small hydropower plant developers in Maharashtra. I gathered a healthy lead base and then performed a financial analysis of the companies to determine the stretch in the working capital cycle and to back these findings I even connected with the suppliers to determine the payment terms

Since then I have worked on four sub-sectors in the Energy department covering the renewable domain and the industrial utilities and in the process, I have made over 300 calls to clients and suppliers. Things seemed rough at times but my team always had my back. I would constantly share my experience with the team to improve my pitch so that I could make a better call the next time.

It would be too farfetched to say this right now but I have come a long way during these two months. I started off as a very shy guy but now I have gathered a lot of confidence and experience. In fact, this small stint has given me a lot of insights into the Energy sector and the confidence that I can replicate the same in any sector or domain. The journey is far from over and I still have to go a mile before I have my final break but the experience so far has been no less than a fairytale and, during this small time, I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people in the process who have guided me on my journey so far. I also got the opportunity to work with the social media and design team on a few projects.

Like I said, there’s a lot of ground still left to cover but now I have the skills, confidence, and guidance to make it to the finish line.

Sunil Swain, Summer Intern, OfBusiness
Class of 2021 | IIM Kashipur

Internship Insights by IIM Kashipur students: Summer Internship Experience at ICICI Bank

Interning at ICICI Bank has been a fortunate and great learning experience. In these unprecedented and uncertain times, it’s a great opportunity to be a part of such an organization. Even in this chaos, it provided us with all the support and never made the virtual internship feel like as if it was a compromise or just an obligation. It started with the virtual onboarding of all the interns across B-schools and interactive sessions with various officials in leadership positions and the plan for the next 8 weeks was well laid out. Since then the buddy and mentor have been constant guides in this journey who helped at every roadblock and bottlenecks that came in the way.

The interns were assigned some of the best live projects at ICICI in various domains be it HR, Strategy, Marketing, Analytics etc. Working on these live projects helped me understand how it’s like to be working in the organization and what role different people play in different positions. This gave us a better clarity of the role, the challenges, and the expectations from that role.

My project was about finding the Dark Data present in the bank and to generate business use cases for the same. This project was a mix of strategy and analytics and is especially important in today’s world as data is all around us. It becomes much more important to find out the dark data in the organization because experts estimate that 80 to 90 percent of the data in any organization is unstructured and the amount of unstructured data in enterprises is growing significantly, often many times faster than structured databases are growing. Moreover, according to an analysis by Harvard Business Review, less than half of an organization’s structured data is used in making business decisions, and less than 1% of unstructured data is used in any way at all. So, we can see we have such a huge database (in exabytes) in the organizations that goes totally unused and what can be the results in terms of profits if this data is put into use. I worked on finding out the dark data present in particular products under trade finance and seeing as to what the applications of that data in the banking sector could be. The project also required to identify the vendors that could help ICICI in structuring the unstructured data that we have and reaching out to them to identify the vendor who can meet our requirements.

The project gave clarity of how it is like to be working in the Banking Industry, understanding the different products and jargon of banking, and how the system as a whole is functioning. The internship provides a platform for the B-school candidates to put the theoretical knowledge gained during classes into practical applications. The courses taught in IIM Kashipur have been helpful and relevant to find insights on the project. Various tools that were taught like SPSS, Power BI came extremely handy to derive insights and finally present the output. The internship has been a truly enriching experience in terms of the insights it gives about the industry and the expectation from MBA graduates once they join organizations as full-time employees after a year. Moreover, it also provides students with a chance to hone their skills and improve upon the weak areas which they might have felt during the internship in the final year to come ahead.

Apart from this, the campus team kept everyone engaged during these 8 weeks even in these unusual times by arranging various sessions with the people in leadership positions, keeping short quizzes at the end of each week on some topic related to banking, making themed templates which made people interact with each other and kept the interns engaged which never made us feel like that we had missed out on something.

Parul Gupta, Summer Intern, ICICI Bank
Class of 2021 | IIM Kashipur

Internship Insights by IIM Kashipur students: Summer Internship Experience at Hafele

Amid pandemic, there was a lot of uncertainty about my commencement of Internship but Hafele onboarded us seamlessly and tweaked the projects to best suit the virtual mode of internship. Hafele India is a consumer durables company that is into categories like Architecture Hardware, Appliances, Lighting, to name a few. My role is more on the product side that demands analysis of the product features, competition analysis, and product gaps on a broader level.

On the 21st of May, I completed one month of internship and it has been an enriching journey so far. I got an opportunity to see the hardware industry so closely. I frequently get a chance to interact with the internal sales team and product team to understand much about the product. The market insights I get from them about the products are priceless. One such example is product packaging. Though I read about the importance of the product packaging in the curriculum, I realized and could relate to it more when I interacted with internal teams. There are many such examples. Moreover, it completely changed my way of looking at any product. Now, when I see any hardware product, many questions pop up like what are its testing standards? Who are its competitors?

Additionally, I am also working to devise a digital media strategy for Hafele franchises. This is completely new to me because I never explored this side of marketing. But I feel this is where summer internships really help, exploring uncharted territories and learning new things. We also get a chance to learn by executing them in real-time. Overall, it has been a cherishing journey so far. I am pretty excited for the second month in the journey as more deliverables are at hand to deliver.

Chaitanya Sunkishala, Summer Intern, Hafele India Private Limited
Class of 2021 | IIM Kashipur

Internship Insights by IIM Kashipur students : Summer Internship Experience at Tata Capital

Amidst all the chaos due to the Covid-19 pandemic, TATA Capital has ensured a smooth transition to the Virtual mode of Summer Internship. I am currently working with the Commercial and SME Finance Division (CSFD) which comes under TATA Capital Financial Services Limited. My project is to work on the initiatives from the COO’s office and try to generate more business opportunities.

My internship started with the study of the NBFCs in our country and doing several analyses of the same. I felt that the Classroom interaction with the faculty and the case-based pedagogy of IIM Kashipur eased this part for me and I was able to channel my thoughts in the right direction for the study. In the last month I have worked on analysing the leads and opportunities for different sales verticals and how the organization can improve its conversion to get more business. It also involved studying the performance of different products offered by TATA Capital after 2015 and improving them.

Before joining the organization, I was informed by my manager that my role won’t be just limited to the CSFD team but that I will also get to explore TATA capital and work with the various sales team. As a part of the cross-team venture, I worked on designing the policy and system to avoid the generation of duplicate leads with my manager. As the lockdown period has been extended several times, the businesses are not able to operate and the banks are focusing on the collection part. But we sometimes forget our old and reliable customers, I am currently working on analysing the business and industry of our old customers for the generation of revenue. It involves choosing the right customer and strategizing an approach to work on those customers.

Virtual Office does restrict the interaction with the business head, but the HR team at TATA Capital organizes several webinars and conferences to ensure that we get to clarify our doubts and get in touch with executives from various verticals of the TATA group. Also, we have knowledge sharing sessions with our fellow interns from prestigious B-Schools of the country so that we also get to know about their project and how are they handling it. The aim of this is to develop bonding as a team and build a strong network with other people which I feel is the crux of any summer internship program.

After working for one month these were my key learnings:

  • Get a good hold on all the subjects taught in the first 3 trimesters as the company expects you to be thorough with the basics of every domain.
  • Explore the organisation and its working and gather more information on how is the business generated by the company.
  • Knowledge of Excel will always be handy no matter which domain you work for.
  • Asking questions and getting doubts cleared. Senior executives are more than happy to interact with new employees and want to impart their experience to us.

Aditya Shekhar, Summer Intern, Tata Capital
Class of 2021 | IIM Kashipur

Life at IIM Kashipur: A Perfect Balance between Work and Play

Has it ever crossed your mind what life in a top B-School of India feels like? Are you an MBA aspirant who wishes to make a decision based on the potential life that the B-School has to offer?
Well, this article will provide you with a gist of the same.
For all us Kaspians ( as we like to call ourselves), IIM Kashipur is a learning battleground, filled with hopes, aspirations, and challenges. Yes, as most would be aware, academics can be gruelling. The day begins, mostly with classes that start at 8:30 am. A few lucky ones get access to the most elusive meal of your MBA career: Breakfast.
On an average day, your classes will go on till lunch, after which you sit along with your study groups to prepare for the upcoming quiz. The word often strikes fear in the mind of an MBA student as these quizzes carry a sizeable weight in the final grade of all subjects. The reoccurring nature of these quizzes, bundled with assignments equipped with strict deadlines, mandatory case pre-readings, and sizeable marks for class participation further propagates the fact that academics at IIM Kashipur are given the utmost importance, as is expected from any college.
But wait. That’s not all. Well, maybe it is from an academic point of view, but life at IIM Kashipur is so much more than just academics. For starters, Kashipur is in the heartland of Uttarakhand. For most students who hail from metropolitan cities, Kashipur is quite literally a breath of fresh air. In this fresh air, the emphasis is put on students to participate in various sports activities that are available on the scenic campus.
Students at IIM Kashipur are not just restricted to activities on campus. With the campus located in proximity to a vast number of tourist destinations like Jim Corbett National Park, Nainital, Bhimtal to name a few, the students often find retreat in the pleasures of trekking and adventure activities, bringing out the wanderlust within themselves
Just like majority of other IIMs, IIM Kashipur is also a student driven campus. It has around 40 student bodies consisting of committees, academic clubs, interest based clubs, cells and teams. Students are responsible for the smooth running of daily activities of the campus.
IIM Kashipur organizes various events throughout the year such as Agnitraya- the Annual Inter College Fest of IIM Kashipur, Utthistha- the Annual Flagship Event of E-Cell in association with FIED, Coalescence- the Annual Management Conclave of IIM Kashipur. All these events witness footfalls from all the sectors of the society.
Furthermore, IIM Kashipur celebrates a vast multitude of cultural events on campus, ranging from Onam to Diwali, from Christmas to Eid, and from Dandiya nights to Matki Phod. The events are celebrated fervently by each student, in the process forging a strong and everlasting bond, surpassing the apparent ethnic and cultural disparities.
It is this bond that keeps us going when the going gets tough. It is not only the faculty but also the seniors who provide constant guidance and mentorship to their juniors so that they can learn from their mistakes and become the best version of themselves.
So, this is life at IIM Kashipur. It will give you sleepless nights, grueling academic schedules, modern corporate exposure. At the same time, it will give you many moments to rejoice, discover your self and become future leaders, all the while sitting in the lap of nature.

This article is written by Sahil Sondhi, MBA Batch 2019-21, IIM Kashipur

Artificial Intelligence or Emotional Intelligence?


Technology is doing good to humans in many ways but it can never replace humans as emotional intelligence continues to be equally important. Artificial Intelligence, indeed, is filling many loopholes but it is only a complement to Emotional Intelligence. It might seem that technology is our friend but it can be disastrous if used extensively. An optimum blend of AI and EI can be very beneficial and powerful and can make our lives more exciting. We need to do our research to see if we are ready for all this and then, it will be worthwhile to explore the uncanny future.

This article is written by Sugandha Jain, MBA Batch 2019-21, IIM Kashipur


IIM Kashipur successfully conducted its Annual flagship Analytics and Marketing summits as part of its Annual Management conclave “Coalescence-2019”, on 24th August 2019.The event started with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by guests and faculty. Attendees of the event were taken through the journey of IIM Kashipur and its achievements. The event saw active participation from top level management people from the IT & Analytics and Marketing industries.

The conclave commenced with the first Keynote speech delivered by Mr. Guruprasad Mandrawadkar, Head, Business Intelligence, Star India. He talked about the future prospects of Natural-Language Generation and AI in BI platforms.  The second keynote speech was delivered by Mr. Ranjan Relan, Data & Strategy Technology Consultant, ZS Associates. His speech majorly revolved around the interdependence between Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. The third keynote speech was delivered by Mr. Aditya Ghosh, Product Manager, FabHotels. He talked about the importance of digital visualization in the path to a sustainable change.

Afternoon session which was themed “What’s Trending” commenced with Keynote speeches from Mr. Rajiv Gupta, VP, Sales and Marketing, Honda Cars India Ltd., Ms. Rachitta Juneja, Chief Marketing Officer, Letstrack Ltd., Mr. Aviral Avasthi, Senior Brand Manager, Uber, Mr. Suman Paul, Chief Marketing Officer, Ability Games Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Prateek Nagar – Chief Marketing Officer, Boozeey. The discussion covered various aspects of dynamically changing trends, the importance of trends in marketing grounds and organic capitalization of trends, the influence of digital marketing and various challenges faced as a result of changing societal needs.

The Conclave served as a platform for the students to have insightful discussions around revolutionary ideas with some of the top minds in the industry. This interaction offered students an opportunity to know about the current happenings in the industry and how to evolve themselves to keep up with the ongoing revolution across all the domains.

This article is written by Vignesh M, PGP Batch 2019-21, IIM Kashipur

A traveler of time- by Mohib Ahmed

These are lines written by me as I was pondering what it would be like to travel time. I wanted to go against the established Romanticism around traveling time, the exploration and discovery and what I really wanted was to shun the idea of using it as a plot device.
What I set out to accomplish, was to understand and explore how psychedelic it would be to travel time, how one might lose track of what’s happening as everything, at least to his or her mind, is happening at once as he or she can see time, not as a moment in which he or she is, but stretched out, all moments combined.
I wanted to explore what toll it would take on one’s body and mind.
The poem is in free verse, so it goes against common notions of poems as being rhythmic.
For those who do not know what free verse is, its a form of poetry devoid of rhythm, meter or any musical pattern. I like that form because it is raw and I believe that though putting words in a rhythm is an art in and of itself, much of the intimacy and urgency is lost in trying to write your thoughts while figuring out a rhythm for them.

A traveler of time

Lost in time, shattered reality.
Confusion, apprehension, panic
Like bare live wire, megawatts of
Electricity, explosions, illuminate
The insides of the brain.

Vestiges of fading memories,
Interposed one between another,
A negative on a negative on a negative,
Inverted hues, inside out,
Unfamiliar, ethereal, images amalgamated.

Past swallowed by the future,
Future becomes the present.
Few moments stretched over an eternity.
A rubber band stretched for light years,
Your consciousness thins

Reality bleeds of color,
Drained black and white, gaunt face
Looking into gaunt eyes, the mirror
Reflections, lost to the ripples of
The horizon-less sea, infinite

This poem is created by Mohib Ahmed, Batch of 2018-20, IIM Kashipur

Indian Youth Delegation- My experience in China

The People’s Republic of China is something that rises out of the mist of culture, cradle, and communism in the mind of every history buff. A constant hurdle imposer to India in the global political framework but a close ally in the rally of “Make Asia Great Again”, I received the opportunity to represent my country among the youth of this country- People’s Republic of China.

I was among the chosen 200 students across India who arrived in China, all decked and dressed, to unfold the extraordinary learning experience of our lives. Being a part of such a huge diverse contingent, I was mesmerized by the level of knowledge the youth of India possesses. Before arriving in China, we were advised to learn about Chinese culture. I read books, blogs, anything, and everything to make myself well versed but no amount of reading can match the experience which I had when I actually visited those sites.

We were told about the history of China and how Beijing became the capital of China. On 1st October 1949 Peking, the former name of Beijing became the capital of China. In the Mandarin language, Bei means north and Jing means Capital. Beijing has a rich history of over 3000 years. Beijing can be termed as both modern and ancient capital of China. Beijing has the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites consisting of 7. Beijing has a population of 23 million people. Beijing experiences 4 seasons in a year- summer, winter, autumn and rainy season. The city is surrounded by Hills and mountains from 3 sides.

While traveling, the delegates were in awe of the infrastructure and the cleanliness of the roads of the city. I was amazed to see how lane discipline was followed and how proper spacing was maintained by the drivers of vehicles.

Later, we were taken to the Forbidden City. It is a palace constructed by the Ming Dynasty. Its construction started in 1406 and took 14 years to get the full completion. The Forbidden City is a UNESCO Heritage site. Here the infusion of Culture and Architecture can be witnessed at the best.


China is very rich in cultural heritage and having the privilege to observe it so closely is something I’ll cherish throughout my life. The Chinese National Museum gave a glimpse of all the major events that shaped the history and future of the People’s Republic of China.

Amidst all the explorations of the city, we received a lecture by the Professor Yang Xiaoping of the National Institute of International Strategy Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

The theme of the lecture was- “Building a community with a shared future for Mankind and cooperation between India & China.” In the lecture, Mr.Yang ushered about the era of New Socialism in China also referred to the new guiding ideology of Xi Jingping that coined “Chinese Dream” an equal challenge to the concept of American Dream.

The lecture provided a deep insight into how with the guiding principles of classical Marxism fissioned with the New Era of Socialism and thoughts of Mao Zedong has changed the fortune of Economy of China.

During the delegation, we visited OFO Headquarters in Beijing. One of the amazing things which I found there was, the sleeping rooms. If any of the employees feel the need to take a rest, he can take a nap in the sleeping room. Sleeping pods are put in place there. The major catch here is that one has to work for 8 hours a day with flexible timings i.e. the employee has to put in 8 billable hours at the office.

From art and culture to the technology, China is a country where explorations and awestruck experiences have no ends. While The Great Wall of China is a testament of what human endeavor could achieve, Hubei Provincial Museum hosts the archaeological artifacts of the Chinese emperors and gives the taste of how royalty looked like at this place in the past.

While talking about the technology, nothing could be more mesmerizing than the cars displayed at the Dongfeng Motor Corporation. Dongfeng is a pioneer in manufacturing Hybrid car models. From SUV’s to Multipurpose Utility Vehicles, the needs of all age group have been accommodated. Dongfeng’s self-brand cars are also available which is mainly popular in China. Apart from cars, Dongfeng has its presence in the arms manufacturing industry.

After the visit of the Dongfeng Motor Corporation, we approached the Wuhan Citizens Home. It is basically a Museum that covers the Past, Present and Future aspects of the Wuhan City. The first gallery carries various historical events associated with Wuhan city. One can see all the modern infrastructural development of the Wuhan city through a series of colorful portraits. Timeline for the same is also available therein. Above all the major attraction was the artificial strategic planning center of Wuhan. It is an artificial city model of the Wuhan city located in a large hall type auditorium of the museum.

One thing which I noticed in my interaction with people was that the Chinese keep their culture very close to their heart. One of the fascinating things we noticed was the teapots used by the Kings. It was all made from bronze and silver. Ancient Refrigerator was another one. Besides all such attractions, the musical instruments of those periods were the show stealer. We also got the opportunity to watch a Cultural performance which in a way resembles the concert. There the artists produced enormous musical sounds by using various instruments which we had seen in the museum. The show lasted for near about 30 minutes.

We later got the opportunity to explore Shanghai, the city which is considered as China’s showpiece of the prosperity. In my explorations, I feel the most magnificent structure of the Shanghai city was the Oriental Pearl Radio & TV tower of Shanghai. The tower has fifteen observatory levels. The highest (known as the Space Module) is at 350 m. The lower levels are at 263 m (Sightseeing Floor) and at 90 m (Space City). There is a revolving restaurant at the 267 m level. The project also contains exhibition facilities and a small shopping center.

My major takeaways from the Indian Youth Exchange program to China 2018 are diversity at the workplace is very important, it is Okay to fail, always think as a group, thinking out of the box is important and discipline is key to success. Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do and this is attitude is quite visible in the Chinese population. I believe experiencing and seeing closely everything as enhanced my learning exponentially and has made me understand the country’s culture to a large extent. In the end, I would like to conclude with the famous Chinese proverb, “Tell me, I forget. Show me, I remember. Involve me, I understand”.

This article is written by S.K. Murshed, PGP Batch 2017-19, IIMKashipur